The Brazilian Art was influenced by the European Art and by the cultural traditions of our country. The Classicism and the academic canons gave us such background, which started in the 19th century at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro. Keeping these artistic traditions alive, the Brazilian painter Gilberto Geraldo does not deprive his talent in his creations and impresses the audience with the excellence of his paintings.


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, he started his dedication towards paintings and drawings by the age of 11 with a clear goal of becoming an artist. By the age of 16, he was made a member of the Artists Association of São Paulo. Nevertheless he was not intimidated by the premature and ascending success of his career, moving on into his studies and researches, searching for the excellence of his art. His professors were Salvador Rodrigues Júnior, Sante Bullo and Giovanni Oppido. Gilberto has always enjoyed studying the ancient cultures such as the art history, trying to learn from the works of the great masters of painting more closely and, at the same time, keeping his works balanced with the contemporary trends of global art. In his creations, being a simple study or a more complex composition, he is always making use of the nature as a source of information and inspiration.


On his journey to Russia in 1999, the beginning of a new artistic stage took place in his career. In the first year, he studied at the V. A. Surikov Institute, Moscow. In 2000, he was transferred to Saint Petersburg, being accepted as a student at the I. E. Repin State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture. In his first year at the Academy, he attended Yuri Kalyuta and Vladimir Stetsenko’s Studio. In the second year, he attended professors Sergey Pichahchi and Gennadi Monasherov’s Studio. The following years up to his majoring, he attended painting lessons with master Vasily Sokolov and his assistant Vasily Rudnev and drawing lessons with Professor Vladimir Mogilevtsev.


Throughout his majoring, Gilberto Geraldo painted copies of great masters at the Hermitage Museum: Flora, Van Rijn Rembrandt; The Lute Player, Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio; and Portrait of Princess Catarina Van Leunink, Gerard Terborch.


Gilberto Geraldo received the highest awards in the major and most prestigious Art Competitions of Brazil, being also invited as a jury member in many others. He had his works in individual and group exhibitions and many of his pieces are part of private collections in Brazil and abroad. He has been the first Brazilian artist majoring at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg. Academy founded in 1757, graduating artists who have become masters of the Russian Art, such as Karl Briullov, Alexander Ivanov, Ilya Repin, Ivan Kramskoi, Ivan Shishkin, Valentin Serov, Henryk Siemiradzki, Nikolai Fechin, among many others. Many of Gilberto’s works, during his years as a student, were kept in the Academy Museum collection. He received awards in many internal Art Competitions and two of his works, part of the Academy collection, are published in the book Academic Drawings and Sketches "Наброски и учебный рисунок", presented by Professor Vladimir Mogilevtsev..


In 2007, he defended his diploma, with honors, entitled Brazilian Indians. Also, he became a member of the Russian Artists Association of Saint Petersburg.





1987 – Gold Medal in the XIX Art Competition of Araras, São Paulo, Brazil

1987 – Gold Medal in the Official Art Competition of Matão, São Paulo, Brazil

1988 – Gold Medal in the III Art Competition of Arceburgo, São Paulo, Brazil

1988 – Gold Medal in the Official Art Competition of Matão, São Paulo, Brazil

1988 – Gold Medal in the XII Art Exposition of Sao Joao da Boa Vista, São Paulo, Brazil

1988 – Gold Medal in the 4th Academic Art Competition of Campinas, São Paulo,

1990 – Gold Medal in the XVII Art Competition of Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil

1991 – Gold Medal in the 8th Art Competition of Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil

1992 – Gold Medal in the II Official Art Competition of Itanhaem, São Paulo, Brazil

1994 – Gold Medal in the IV Brazilian Art Competition of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo,

2001 – Small Gold Medal in the 52th Official Art Competition of São Paulo, Brazil

2001 – Gold Medal in the Fine Arts Competition of Ilha Bela, São Paulo

2003 – Great Gold Medal in the 54th Official Art Competition of São Paulo, Brazil

2005 – 3rd Place at the Drawings Group Exhibition of the Academy - Study of Tucks,
            St. Petersburg, Russia

2007 – Selected for the Art Group Exhibition “Tradition and Modernity”. The best
            drawings of the last decade, St. Petersburg, Russia

2009 – 1st Prize in the Academic Drawing Competition (comprising all art schools
            of Russia), Saint Petersburg, Russia

2011 –  Award in the “Autumn Competition” of the Saint Petersburg Russian Artists




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